Dev On Nutrition




Eating is a joy…it should be colorful, definitely flavorful, and it must be an experience shared with loved ones.

“Food is nourishment to the ART of LIVING.”

 A little bite of everything..

Wild, whole,

& mostly plants


"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently….is an art”

/  La Rochefoucauld  /


About Me

Hey all, welcome to my site! My name is Devon. I’m a twenty something year old just lookin’ to find my niche in this world. I am an ER nurse, a US Navy Veteran, puppy mama, and currently obtaining my Masters in Nutrition at Bastyr University in beautiful San Diego, California.

I have grown from each and every lesson I’ve experienced over the years.

I’ve realized that pills don’t always fix peoples problems, whole fresh local foods can heal a soul, and it’s never too late to change your path in life.

So here I am… sharing my love for the lessons I’ve learned this far in my career as a health professional, caregiver, and food lover <3


To live in a world where we prescribe produce more than pills, we celebrate healthy relationships with food and the joys of eating colorfully. To remind everyone that food is the nourishment to the art of living well.


As a healthcare professional and nutrition expert I hope to guide individuals towards living a more preventable and less reactive lifestyle that is free of chronic disease or premature aging with the use of evidence based facts, natural remedies, holistic recipes, and sustainable choices.


eat better. feel better. do better

/  enjoy  /